Paramount Systems Group Launches its First in-line of Products, DBA Gellyband

Creating products that minimize the spread of Covid-19 and other viral and bacterial infections. 

The first in line of a suite of products being launched by Paramount Systems Group, Gellyband, is created to provide access to hygiene products through hand wrist wearable bands, similar to a watch. The Gellyband wearable device provides immediate access to customers’ preferred hand disinfectant, soap, or liquid stored in the GellyBand pouch for instant use to keep hands clean. GellyBand is first a tool to help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Gellybands may be purchased here.

“A close friend of mine was infected in March from Covid-19; he had to spend weeks in hospital care. He had no pre-existing conditions, and we all wondered, why him? He had followed CDC and FDA guidelines but still succumbed to the virus. We felt completely helpless - wondering if he was going to make it. We lived in fear and anxiety for 28 brutal days.

Most Americans, and the whole world frankly, had experienced Covid-19 in some way, shape, or form.

“The good news is that he made it thanks to all the healthcare workers who worked tirelessly. We thank all of them! Real heroes selfless, brave, and caring, ”

Gellybands is expected to offer more than 5 different colors of wearable bands for customers to choose from, covering all 50 states, beginning August 2020. You may browse the catalog here and shop your favorite color.

“My son was scared to go outside and play in the backyard because of the fear of contracting Covid-19. I wondered what could do to make my son less fearful. This spawned the birth of GellyBands”

Gellybands is a product designed to help our families, loved ones, and friends. Now we want to help as many people as possible. See the Gellyband collection for purchase here>