Affiliate Program

GellyBand Affiliate Program
Refer GellyBand and get paid for your referrals

Join our affiliate program  

As an expert in affiliate and online marketing, I’m sure you have plenty of friends and colleagues and followers who could benefit from using the GellyBand. We are willing to pay you generously for your referrals.

 We pay our affiliates a 20% commission on all sales.  We currently have 28 affiliates. With your help, I would like to grow the number to 100 affiliates by next month. We pay our affiliates via our PayPal integration.

This Is Why I Want You as An Affiliate

I know you know people! And you can get us in front of broader audience than Google can. Collectively speaking, everyone reading this newsletter knows WAY MORE qualified prospects for us than Google.

So please consider joining our affiliate program today. Did I mention I’ll pay you 20% of all sales you send me?? It easy for you to share your affiliate link on social media, email, text message, blogs and on your website.

We review all requests to join our affiliate program within 24 to 48 hours. We want to let you know that we are here to help. If we need more information to process your application, someone from our Application Review team will contact you.

Thank you! looking forward to partnering!


  Earn 20% commissions