The GellyBand™️ family is a team of passionate citizens dedicated to providing an instant form of protection against the spread of Covid-19, germs, infectious diseases, bacteria and viruses; this is our first priority.

GellyBand Helps to prevent the spread of viruses, and germs.

Gellyband™️ saves lives by providing immediate access to your favorite disinfectant, liquid soap or hand sanitizer.

As you know, now more than ever, the pandemic has made it everyone’s responsibility to do everything we possibly can to stay healthy, safe and to protect one another.

Feeling helpless....

A close friend was infected in early March and spent weeks in the ICU on a ventilator.  Our friend was a health fanatic with no preexisting conditions. We all wondered, why him? He followed all of the CDC and FDA recommendations... We felt completely helpless as no one was allowed to visit.

We wondered if he was going to make it, with uncertainty looming, we lived in a state of constant fear and anxiety for 28 brutal days. The good news is that he survived thanks to all the healthcare workers who worked tirelessly to keep him alive. We thank all of them! Real selfless heroes - brave, and caring.

When children are fearful....

One of the founder’s son was scared to go outside to play in the backyard due to the overwhelming stories he heard about the global pandemic, the fear in his eyes made his father feel hopeless. How could he give his son hope and make him overcome his fears and protect him at the same time? These two real life situations are what spawned the birth of GellyBand™️.

We understand that these types of stories have played out millions of times, many with a happy ending, and many with out. We are hard working, compassionate people and this was personal for us. We knew we needed a way to help and project our families, friends and loved ones. Now Gellyband™️are helping people worldwide.

Covid-19 has no mercy on, nor respect for  social status, gender, race, creed, or age. This invisible enemy left people feeling fearful of walking out of their homes each day to pursue the American dream. Fear is the first thing that must be faced when dealing with any obstacle in life. Fear no more, GellyBand™️ gives you peace of mind knowing that you have an immediate defense to assist you in your fight against germs, viruses and bacteria.

You can purchase, GellyBand™️  HERE .  Please be sure to tell everyone you know because we’re all in this together.